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Failure to destroy confidential information efficiently can have far-reaching implications for both individuals and businesses, should the information fall into the wrong hands. Individuals’ credit scores can be seriously damaged, and organisations risk huge financial and reputational losses. In fact, recent research by accountancy firm KPMG revealed a surprising rise in identity fraud throughout 2012, with the cost of this crime more than doubling in value to a startling £26.3m.

Furthermore smaller firms put themselves at increased risk of cyber fraud by allowing their staff to use their own devices such as smart phones and tablets for work purposes according to security firm AVG. AVG's General Manager Mike Foreman said 'The real big area for a small business is data privacy. This impacts all of us, but for a small business to have data breaches, well it could be the end of their business. It is happening, we've seen it.'

Last year, a survey of educational professionals found that 79% of respondents believed that the threat posed by lost or inadequately disposed of data had either increased or stayed the same over the previous 12 months.

Prevent Data Breaches by owning and maintaining a Crosscut Shredder suitable for your business needs.  Let us help you protect yourself email your enquiry now:


With just a few of your personal details from your dustbin, your PC, even your mail, an identity thief can open credit cards, arrange loans and make purchases in your name without you knowing.

Scams are getting increasingly sophisticated, we all think  we're too smart to be caught out but it can happen to the best of us. Recent studies show this type of crime  now affects 1 in 4 households and businesses alike and costs the ecomony millions each year.

An increased rigor in safety rules determines many companies should invest in a cross cut paper shredder from a reputable company. They are the safest way to dispose of official documents or any other sensitive document type that has served its purpose. Once such documents are shredded, the potential risk factor of someone reconstructing them decreases to almost zero.

Shred anything that contains personal/business information including letters, bills, receipts, client lists, so they dont fall into the wrong hands.

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